June 7, 2018 | Annual Meeting

Omaha, NE

2018 Annual Meeting

Meeting Overview

The Tribal Radioactive Materials Transportation Committee (TRMTC) met on June 4, 2018, in Omaha, Neb. The meeting was held in conjunction with the National Transportation Stakeholders Forum 2018 Annual Meeting.

TRMTC is the mechanism through which the U.S. Department of Energy communicates at a national level with tribes and states about shipments of radioactive waste and materials. It connects representatives of tribal and state governments, federal agency officials, local governments, and industry to address key institutional issues related to transporting radioactive waste.

Agenda Overview

Welcome, Opening Prayer and Introductions

  • Richard Arnold, Pahrump Paiute Tribe

  • Ronald Johnson, Prairie Island Indian Community

Updates from DOE Office of Environmental Management (EM)

  • Joanne Lorence, director, DOE-Office of Packaging & Transportation

  • Ellen Edge, TEPP program manager, DOE-Office of Packaging & Transportation

  • Demitrous Blount,NTSF lead, DOE-Office of Packaging & Transportation,

Updates from DOE Office of Nuclear Energy (NE)

  • Ned Larson, DOE-Office of Nuclear Energy

  • Jay Jones, physical scientist, DOE-Office of Nuclear Energy

  • Erica Bickford, transportation program manager, Office of Nuclear Energy

Updates and Q&A from Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

  • Sandra Talley, senior liaison project manager, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

  • Mr. Anthony Hsia, deputy director, Division of Spent Fuel Management, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards

Tribal Transportation Webinar Overview

  • Chip Cameron, The Zero Gravity Group, LLC.

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET)

  • Scott Palmer, nuclear policy analyst, Oregon State Legislative Board Chairman, and Safety Task Force Assistant Coordinator | Presentation

Illinois Commerce Commission

  • Michael Stead, rail safety program administrator, Illinois Commerce Commission | Presentation

Updates from TRMTC member, SRGs and special guests

TRMTC Action Planning Workshop

NTSF Meeting Overview and Closing Business

Meeting Adjourned