June 10, 2019 | Annual Meeting

Arlington, VA

2019 Annual Meeting

Meeting Overview

The Tribal Radioactive Materials Transportation Committee (TRMTC) held its annual meeting on June 10, 2019 at the Westin Crystal City hotel in Arlington, Va. TRMTC engages tribal governments interested in or impacted by the broad spectrum of the Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear energy activities related to shipments of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.

This meeting brought together ­­­­­­­­­­­­TRMTC members with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Environmental Management, DOE Office of Nuclear Energy, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Federal Railroad Administration. The U.S. Census Bureau also presented at this meeting. The composition of TRMTC offers a unique perspective on the broad range of issues surrounding the transportation or storage of radioactive materials and spent nuclear fuel. NCSL provides staff support to this group through a cooperative agreement with DOE.

Agenda Overview

Welcome and Introductions

  • Opening prayer

  • Overview of meeting priorities

Updates from DOE Office of Environmental Management (EM)

Updates on DOE-EM's recent activities and priorities.

  • Joanne Lorence, DOE-EM-OPT | Presentation

  • Ellen Edge, DOE-EM

  • Demitrous Blount, DOE-EM-OPT

Updates from DOE Office of Nuclear Energy (NE)

Updates on DOE-NE’s recent activities and priorities including Core Group meetings and Rail/Routing activities

  • Erica Bickford, DOE-NE

  • Jay Jones, DOE-NE

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Updates and Dialogue

Updates on NRC's recent activities and priorities.

  • Sandra Talley, Senior Liaison Project Manager

  • Hipolito Gonzales, Branch Chief, Materials Safety Licensing & Tribal Programs

  • Lance Racavan, Senior Communications Specialist

  • Joan Olmstead, Attorney

  • Kevin Williams, Deputy Director Division of Materials Safety, Security and Tribal Programs.

  • Christopher Reagan, Deputy Director, Division of Spent Fuel Management.

  • David Pstrak, Senior Project Manager, Division of Spent Fuel Management

  • Gerrard Jackson, Security Specialist-Transportation

Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)

A discussion on tribal engagement and outreach and an update on the status of the Safety Compliance Oversight Plan (SCOP).

  • Mark Maday, Staff Director, Hazardous Materials Division

  • Peter Cipriano, Senior Advisor for Policy & Infrastructure

  • Lawrence “Mel” Massaro, Hazardous Materials Specialist (RAM)

U.S. Census Bureau

A presentation on the Bureau’s process for consultation with tribes regarding tribal boundary data; when tribes might expect to be contacted and how points of contact are identified.

  • Dierdre Bevington Attardi, U.S. Census Bureau, Geographer

  • Madeline Sovich, U.S. Census Bureau, Geographer | Presentation

TRMTC Action Planning Workshop

Updates from TRMTC members, State Regional Groups and special guests

National Transportation Stakeholders Forum (NTSF) Meeting Overview and Closing Business