June 15, 2021 | Annual Meeting


2021 Annual Meeting

Meeting Overview

The Tribal Radioactive Materials Transportation Committee (TRMTC) held its annual meeting virtually on June 15, 2021. The TRMTC engages tribal governments interested in or impacted by the broad spectrum of U.S. Department of Energy activities related to shipments of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel.

This meeting brought TRMTC members together with the DOE Office of Environmental Management, the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Department of Transportation, and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Representatives from the state regional groups also presented at the meeting. The composition of the TRMTC offers a unique perspective on the broad range of issues surrounding the transportation and storage of radioactive materials and spent nuclear fuel.

Agenda Overview

  • TRMTC Business Session

  • DOE Program Updates and Discussion | Presentation

  • TRMTC and State Regional Group/WIPP Updates

  • DOT and FRA: Joint Presentation on the Tribal Affairs Office and Tribal Consultation Plan of Action and FRA Update on the Draft Safety Compliance Oversight Plan | Presentation 1 | Presentation 2

  • Closing Remarks and Next Steps